2 Cool Vacation Spots For Nature Photographers Looking To Photograph Waterfalls

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If you are an avid nature photographer, and want to take photos of amazing waterfalls, then this list is for you. There are waterfalls all over the world, so it can be hard to pick which ones to choose. This list is going to focus on interesting places for a vacation that also have beautiful waterfalls. Some waterfalls are in areas that are not suited for a vacation because they are remote and isolated. The waterfalls on this list are all near large cities and are accessible from major hotels.

Veliki Slap: Plitvice Lakes National Park In Croatia

If you're looking to travel to South Eastern Europe, then consider Croatia. This country is home to one of the most spectacular waterfalls in the world, even if the name is a bit boring. Veliki Slap, or "Large Waterfall", might not sound exotic or impressive, but it is certainly is. These astounding waterfalls cascade through a grouping of lakes. You can see images here. The park also has many beautiful ponds and shallow lakes to look at when you are finished shooting the main waterfalls.

This park is close to  Zagreb and Zadar, two of the main cities in Croatia. If you were to choose to stay in Zagreb, for example, you could take visit the park via a two-hour bus ride.

Iguazu Falls: Argentina and Brazil

If you've always wanted to take a vacation to South America, then you should consider heading to Iguazu Falls. This impressive waterfall is located in both Argentina and Brazil. The park that contains the waterfall is listed as a UNESCO world heritage sites.

This waterfall is tremendously powerful. It is extremely tall, but also very wide. There are platforms located throughout the park that you can use to set up your camera and take impressive shots. Here is a photo that shows one such platform.

If you're planning on visiting, you have the option of staying in Argentina, Brazil, and even Paraguay.

Puerto Iguazú, a wonderful Argentina town with beautiful architecture, is located only 11 miles from the falls.

In Brazil, you will want to stay in Foz do Iguaçu. This is the city  located nearest to the falls. Foz do Iguaçu is a beautiful, large Brazilian city that has many world class hotels, restaurants, and fun nightlife.

If you want to stay in a bit of a less expensive area, then you might like Ciudad del Este in Paraguay. This town is not a tourist destination, but is instead popular with locals. It has a thriving market scene where people from Argentina and Brazil travel to and buy tax-free goods. You can find cheap accommodations and can take a bus to the the Brazilian or Argentina sections of the Falls. For more information about traveling for photography, contact a travel agency such as Lake City Travel & Cruises